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AutoNavi (Gaode maps)

AutoNavi Software Co., Ltd. (simplified Chinese: 高德软件有限公司; traditional Chinese: 高德軟件有限公司; ) is a Chinese web mapping, navigation and location-based services provider, founded in 2001. AutoNavi was acquired by Alibaba Group in 2014. It offers its map services at and as the Amap mobile app. It is known as Gaode in Chinese.

Autonavi is the provider of the maps app in iPhone. It can change language to adapt your iPhone’s language. At least it has Chinese and English versions. I think as Apple Inc chose it, it should be the best multi-language maps provider.

From an answer in Quora.

AutoNavi (Gaode maps) android only offers maps in Chinese, so this might be a non-starter. You can often search in English, but all streets and POIs will be in Chinese.

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