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How to …… in China Takeaway/Takeout is a professional online-to-offline (O2O) catering and food delivery platform in ChinaÈle me?(饿了么?)roughly means “Hungry now?” in Chinese.

Step 1:  Download App

Step 2: Sign up

Tap “我的(Me)” at the bottom right and then sign up with your phone number.

Step 3: Add An Address

Tap “收货地址 (My Address)” to set your delivery address.

Make sure you enter an accurate and complete address, or tap the right arrow to choose an address from those you’ve already set before. You can also tag this address as Home, Work or School.


It is important to have your address stated accurately on the apps. If not, the delivery man who does not speak English would make you a phone call to double-check your address.

Step 4: Choose A Restaurant

Now it’s time to grab some food. Tap “外卖(Takeout)”at the bottom left, and then “美食(Food)”.


 “起送” means the minimum amount to spend to have your food delivered.

 “配送费”means shipping fee.

In the picture above, you need to order at least RMB 20 to have your food delivered, and the shipping fee is RMB 6. The restaurant is 2.8km away from you and the estimated delivery time is 44 minutes.

Step 5: Select Your Meal

Given that the menu and the introduction are in Chinese, it is recommended to choose your meal based on the pictures shown on the list, or simply choose one from “热销(best-sellers)”. Then tap “去结算(Check Out)”.


It is mandatory to spend no less than the minimum amount as to place an order.

Step 6: Confirm Your Order

Double check your order, address and then tap “去支付(Pay)” to pay the bill.

Step 7: Payment

To make the payment, you can pay through bank card or Alipay account. And then tap “确认支付(Confirm)”.

Tap “查看订单(Check My Order)”, to see the real-time location of the delivery man.

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